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January 2024 Downtown San Mateo

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Business NameCategoryAddressPhone #Website
A2 Wine BarBars117 S B St
Eddie's Sports BarBars215 S B St
Fogbird Cocktail Lounge Bars144 S. B St.(650) 458-0049Visit
McGovern's BarBars215 E. 4th Ave. (650) 375-8018Visit
Mortar & PestleBars129 S B St(650) 662-6800Visit
O'Neill's Irish PubBars34 S. B St. (650) 347-1544Visit
Sky LoungeBars76 E 3rd Ave
Wunderbar Bars310 Baldwin Ave. Visit
Yuppie CantinaBars709 S B ST(650) 999-1009Visit
Tiger Tea & JuiceBoba212 E 3rd AveVisit
Bambu Desserts DrinksBoba153 S B St. (650) 539-3004Visit
BobabiaBoba271 Baldwin Ave. (650) 389-7077Visit
Heere TeaBoba253 S B StVisit Website
ShareteaBoba220 Main St.(650) 581-1951Visit
Shuyi Grass Jelly & TeaBoba165 E 4th Ave
Sweet MomentBoba137 E 3rd Ave.(650) 477-2233
TeaspoonBoba128 E 3rd Ave.(650) 393-5727Visit
TP TEABoba65 E 4th Ave(650) 513-1754
Urban RitualBoba140 S B St.(650) 458-3298Visit
Yi Fang Boba110 S B St. (650) 727-3963Visit
Avocado ToastBreakfast & Brunch226 E 3rd Ave. (650) 343-3844Visit
Bay Watch Restaurant Breakfast & Brunch201 2nd Ave. (650) 342-2356Visit
Fiero CaffeBreakfast & Brunch106 S. El Camino Real (650) 685-8210Visit
Foreigner CafeBreakfast & Brunch60 E 3rd Ave. (650) 620-1888Visit
Noah's NY BagelsBreakfast & Brunch50 E 4th Ave(650) 347-2364Visit Website
Ike's PlaceBurger & Sandwich680 E 3rd Ave. (650) 375-8900Visit
Jeffrey's HamburgersBurger & Sandwich42 S B St.(650) 348-8698Visit
3 Bees CoffeeCafes224 E 3rd Ave. (650) 344-2339Visit
Backhaus Bread Cafes32 E 3rd Ave.(650) 200-9493Visit
Bliss on TapCafes18 E 3rd Ave.(415) 706-7112Visit Website
Blue Bottle Coffee Cafes201 S. B St.(510) 653-3394Visit
Donut DeliteCafes57 S B St(650) 348-1318
Munguia's BakeryCafes602 E 4th Ave Suite F(650) 513-1543
Panaderia Guatemalteca Cafes602 E 4th Ave. Suite G (650) 548-3704
Paris BaguetteCafes208 E 3rd Ave(650) 501-8888Visit Website
Peets CoffeeCafes255 E 3rd Ave.(650) 403-1591Visit
Philz CoffeeCafes113 S B St.(650) 931-1770Visit
Sama Coffee ShopCafes800 S B St Ste 500(650) 393-5553Visit Website
StarbucksCafes54 E 4th Ave.(650) 548-1764Visit
Chef ShaChinese231 S Ellsworth Ave. (650) 581-1707Visit
Dough Zone Dumpling House Chinese111 E. 4th Ave.(650) 336-1888Visit
Happy Lamb Hot PotChinese215 S ELLSWORTH(650) 343-2566Visit Website
Liuyishou Hot Pot Chinese98 E 3rd Ave.(650) 242-1245Visit
New Wing Fat Chinese RestaurantChinese640 E 3RD AVE(650) 458-3248
Noodleosophy Chinese41 E 4th Ave.(650) 376-3927Visit
Noodles & Things Chinese79 E. 3rd Ave.(650) 393-5799Visit
Ox 9 Lanzhou Handpulled NoodlesChinese11 S B St(650) 242-1790
Superstar Dim Sum and Seafood RestaurantChinese88 E 4th Ave(415) 990-5938
Taste Of Sha XianChinese38 E 4th Ave(650) 393-4715Visit Website
Zen Noodle Bar Chinese668 E 3rd Ave. (650) 781-3183Visit
Zhangliang MalatangChinese139 S B St (650) 781-3336
Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice NoodlesChinese 215 E 3rd Ave(650) 315-2316
Central Park BistroContemporary American181 E 4th Ave. (650) 558 ‑ 8401Visit
Pacific Catch Contemporary American243 S B St.(650) 389-2482Visit
Swing ShiftContemporary American5 S Ellsworth Ave(650) 281-0122Website
The Barrel Bistro & Wine BarContemporary American246 S B St. (650) 445-7250Visit Website
Wursthall Contemporary American310 Baldwin Ave. (650) 931-4282Visit
Antoine's Cookie Shop Dessert220 2nd Ave. (650) 495-2303Visit
Arcos BakeryDessert128 North B StreetVisite Website
Baskin-RobbinsDessert133 E 3rd Ave. (650) 348-2454Visit
Cold Stone CreameryDessert375 2nd Ave. (650) 347-0500Visit
Dessert RepublicDessert138 Main St.(650) 401-3570
IciclesDessert222 E 3rd Ave.(650) 866-9278Visit
Kathy's Creative KakesDessert629 S B St(650) 348-5253Visit Website
LuluYumDessert30 E 3rd Ave.(650) 522-0216Visit
Meet FreshDessert277 S. B St.(650) 513-1416Visit
Sibby's CupcakeryDessert716 S Railroad Ave. (650) 458-8773Visit
Simply CakeDessert132 E 3rd Ave(650) 348-2888Visit Website
Snacks Antojitos MexicanosDessert31 N B St.(650) 348-3683Visit
SOMISOMIDessert134 S B St(909) 569-9406Visit Website
Tong SuiDessert250 S B Street(650) 931-4253Visit Website
Fire WingsFast Food206 S B St. (650) 372-5263Visit
Jack in the Box Fast Food555 E 3rd Ave. (650) 347-5911Visit
Krispy Krunchy ChickenFast Food609 E 4th AveWebsite
Potato GuysFast Food251 S B St(650) 689-0888Website
Taco BellFast Food500 E 4TH AVE(650) 621-2608
2nd Ave MarketGrocery & Specialty Food503 2nd Ave
7 ElevenGrocery & Specialty Food600 E 3rd Ave(650) 344-5911Visit Website
Baking ArtsGrocery & Specialty Food18 E 3rd Ave.(415) 706-7112Visit Website
Byrd's Filling StationGrocery & Specialty Food219 S San Mateo Dr(650)-242-1976Visit Website
Dean's ProduceGrocery & Specialty Food44 E 4th Ave(650) 340-7000Visit Website
Draeger's MarketGrocery & Specialty Food222 E 4th Ave(650) 685-3700Visit Website
La Huerta MarketGrocery & Specialty Food142 N B St(650) 579-2805
Mi Rancho SupermarketGrocery & Specialty Food80 N B St(650) 347-7052Visit Website
Mini Market MontufarGrocery & Specialty Food201 S Delaware St A(650) 342-1887
Mr. Tuo Tuo MarketGrocery & Specialty Food215 S San Mateo Dr
Neelam SupermarketGrocery & Specialty Food150 N B St(650) 340-8208Website
San Mateo LiquorsGrocery & Specialty Food254 S B St. (650) 340-1326
San Mateo Sports Nutrition & SupplementsGrocery & Specialty Food115 E 4th Ave(650) 344-6299Visit Website
Suruki SupermarketGrocery & Specialty Food71 E 4th Ave(650) 347-5288Visit Website
Takahashi MarketGrocery & Specialty Food221 S Claremont St(650) 343-0394Visit Website
Deja Vu Organic Juice Bar Healthy Fare314 S B St. (650) 761-7091Visit
Earth BarHealthy Fare4 E 4th Ave(650) 435-2539Website
JambaHealthy Fare48 East 4th Ave(650) 558-3918Visit
Nutricion SRHealthy Fare277 Baldwin Ave(650) 200-5838
Sweetgreen Healthy Fare1 E 3rd Ave. (650) 753-6500Visit
Clay Oven Indian78 E 3rd Ave. (650) 342-9194Visit
Curry Up Now Indian129 S B St. (650) 662-6800Visit
Pausa Bar & CookeryItalian223 E 4th Ave. (650) 375-0818Visit
Peninsula Italian American Social Club Italian100 N B St. (650) 343-7981Visit
Ravioli House Italian505 S B St. (650) 344-7433Visit
Rise WoodfireItalian2 N B St. (650) 389-6918Visit
Sapore ExpressItalian125 E 4th Ave (650) 315-2341Visit
TomatinaItalian401 S B St. (650) 918-5030Visit
Vespucci Ristorante Italian147 E 3rd Ave. (650) 685-6151Visit
DASH Japanese Tapas & SushiJapanese204A 2nd Ave(650) 340-1508Visit Website
Fuji SukiyakiJapanese428 E 3rd Ave.(650) 348-7810
Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Japanese329 S Ellsworth Ave. (650) 343-3255Visit
HimawariJapanese202 2nd Ave.(650) 375-1005Visit Website
HiroNori Craft RamenJapanese211 E 3rd Ave(650) 242-1223Visit Website
HotaruJapanese33 E 3rd Ave. #4010 (650) 343-1152Visit
Izakaya GinjiJapanese301 E 4th Ave.(650) 348-1110Visit
Izakaya MaiJapanese212 2nd Ave.(650) 347-2511
Joy SushiJapanese30 S B St.(650) 340-8974Visit Website
KajikenJapanese112 S B St.Visit Website
Kaz Teriyaki GrillJapanese71 E 4th Ave.(650) 347-5777
Ni-MoJapanese73 E 3rd Ave.(650) 342-0288Visit
OnigillyJapanese670 E 3rd Ave(650) 315-2317Visit Website
PokeateryJapanese407 S B St.(650) 389-2672Visit
RAMEN DOJOJapanese805 S B ST(650) 401-6568Visit Website
ShabuwayJapanese145 E 3rd Ave.(650) 548-2483Visit
Sozai CornerJapanese71 E 4th Ave(650) 347-5288Visit Website
Sushi MaruyamaJapanese279 Baldwin Ave. (650) 315-2945Visit
Sushi Sam'sJapanese218 E 3rd Ave.(650) 344-0888Visit
Sushi YoshizumiJapanese325 E 4th Ave.Visit
Taishoken Japanese47 E 4th Ave.(650) 445-7579Visit
Taki Nori HandRoll BarJapanese144 E 3rd Ave(650) 581-1269Visit Website
Tokie's Japanese34 E 4th Ave.(650) 570-6609Visit
Ultra Sushi Japanese210 E. 3rd Ave.(650) 242-1914Visit
Yakitori KokkoJapanese509 2nd Ave.(650) 401-7008
BonchonKorean220 S B St.(650) 458-3110Visit
ChinguKorean211 South San Mateo Dr(650) 781-3075
DaehoKorean213 2nd Ave. (650) 389-6689Visit Website
Al CarbonLatin American602 E 4th Ave. C(650) 544-4687Visit
La PinataLatin American120 N B St.(650) 344-5722Visit Website
Pupuseria El SalvadorLatin American85 N B St. #2 (650) 347-1393
Amour Amour Wine Bar & TapasMediterranean305 E 4th Ave. (650) 513-1759Visit
B Street & VineMediterranean320 S B St.(650) 347-8463Visit
Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen Mediterranean150 E 4th Ave. (650) 401-6903Visit
Nick the GreekMediterranean213 3rd AveVisit Website
Sajj Mediterranean Mediterranean251 East 3rd Ave (650) 274-0150Visit
CHARLIES TAQUERIAMexican725 S B ST(650) 343-6496Visit Website
Fletch's TaqueriaMexican385 2nd Ave. (650) 398-7543
Las Palomas Taqueria Mexican92 E 3rd Ave. (650) 343-9925
Mr. Taco ManMexican203 E 4th Ave. (650) 342-7084Visit
Pancho Villa Taqueria Mexican365 S B St.(650) 343-4123Visit
Tacos Al Vapor Mexican602E 4th Ave Ste B(650) 344-9936
TAQUERIA EL NAYARITAMexican660 E 3rd Ave. (650) 347-5414
Taqueria La Cumbre Mexican28 N B St. (650) 344-8989Visit
TAQUERIA LAS PENCAS 2Mexican45 N B St (650) 315-2274
Taqueria Los Primos Mexican85 N B St. #4 (650) 347-8760Visit
AvenidaOther Asian201 E 3rd Ave. (650) 781-3637Visit
Chopstix & Taiwanese BentosOther Asian142 E 3rd Ave(650) 558-1988Visit Website
Izakaya Fusion Grill KeitanOther Asian35 E 3rd Ave(650) 715-0083
L & L Hawaiian Barbecue Other Asian94 E 3rd Ave. (650) 347-8885Visit
Rin-TeiOther Asian104 S El Camino Real(650) 558-8239Visit Website
Samikcha MoMoOther Asian146 E 3rd Ave (650) 513-6475Visit Website
Urban Momo Other Asian254 S B St. (650) 458-3053Visit
Amici's East Coast Pizzeria Pizza69 E 3rd Ave. (650) 342-9392Visit
Dominos Pizza Pizza169 E 4th Ave. (650) 344-3030Visit
Little Caesar Pizza Pizza615 E 3rd Ave. (650) 393-5656Visit
MOUNTAIN MIKE'S PIZZAPizza154 S B St(650) 393-4799Visit Website
Mr. Pizza ManPizza201 E 4th Ave. (650) 342-7088Visit
New York PizzaPizza219 S B St. (650) 344-3444Visit
North Beach Pizza Pizza240 E 3rd Ave. (650) 344-5000Visit
Pizza My Heart Pizza140 E 4th Ave. (650) 344-9800Visit
EspetusSteakhouse710 S B St.(650) 342-8700Visit
Porterhouse Steakhouse164 S. B Street(650) 579-5911Visit
San Mateo Prime Steakhouse174 E 3rd Ave. (650) 558-8918Visit
Bangkok PatioThai615 E 3rd Ave. (650) 548-5489Visit
New Thai ElephantThai200 S B St. (650) 431-0888Visit
Thonglor Thai Bistro Thai173 E 4th Ave. (650) 342-6451Visit
Central Market Vietnamese517 S B St.(650) 375-8211Visit
Gao Viet Kitchen Vietnamese313 S San Mateo Dr. (650) 477-2524Visit
M Sandwiches CafeVietnamese205 E 4th Ave.(650) 931-4181Visit Website
Saigon City Vietnamese418 E 3rd Ave. (650) 340-8878