Downtown San Mateo thrives on . . . food, fun, diversity, and art!

The Downtown San Mateo Association launched a new initiative last year to bring more community-based public art to the Downtown area. The initiative is called The Downtown Art Project.

Our goal is to instill a sense of ownership of local creativity in the community by involving the public in various aspects of installations, from funding to fabrication. See an updated Google Map of the public installations here.

San Mateo Mayor David Lim announced a $100 donation from his personal funds in support of this worthy endeavor and urged his fellow residents to donate generously, as well. “Public art deserves our support,” said Lim.

Meter Garden, 3rd Avenue, San Mateo

“I am thrilled by the efforts of the Downtown San Mateo Association to bring more community-based public art to Downtown San Mateo. Beyond it’s aesthetic value, art has the ability to inspire the soul, and this project is a perfect way to inspire the creativity of not only local artists, but our entire community.”

If you’re a local artist or would like to get involved, come to one of our weekly socials. Please email for info.

To create, host, or sponsor a project, please email

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